We get you over the first mountain of marketing


First Mountain is for founders who want to get serious about marketing. After focusing for so long on your product and customers, it’s hard to know what marketing steps to take first.

When founders first start a company, they focus on finding product-market fit; that’s what makes them successful in the early days. Over time, they build a solid customer base, a strong team of professionals, and increasingly efficient company processes. Then, founders realize that it’s time to make marketing decisions. But, how?

To help founders through this transition, First Mountain takes a transparent, educational approach to building out a marketing plan for you. At the end of the process, you’ll know what to do, why to do it, and how to get it done. You’ll own all the research documentation, and more importantly, you’ll be well versed in marketing logic, so you can make informed decisions moving forward.



Customers love you, you know how to sell, your product is awesome... You’re ready to grow! Now what?

First Mountain helps founders who want to start marketing. With a track record of successful, happy clients, and a vision for big plans ahead, First Mountain is here for you and your customers, so that you can grow, grow, grow.

Photo by  Jon Mcmorran

Photo by Jon Mcmorran


Claire Atkin, Director


Claire comes to marketing via SaaS. She has worked from all sides of the tech industry, with agencies, investment firms, government, and tech companies. Claire believes in community and is deeply focused on B2B companies helping small businesses do better.

Before marketing, Claire studied professional writing and human geography at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. She completed her Master’s in Urban Geography at McMaster in Ontario. Her qualitative, primary research outlined post-industrial revitalization strategies for downtowns. It’s there that she learned the power of how healthy entrepreneurial economies can transform our communities. This, combined with her years in the tech industry, has contributed to her focus on helping great businesses do even better. She brings a pragmatic and measured approach to client work.


Maria Violeta Bravo Mendiola, Marketing 


Maria Violeta holds a postgraduate degree in Marketing and Sales, and is completing a Master’s in Strategic Management at the European University of the Atlantic. She is an experienced operations manager and customer success representative. Maria Violeta’s attention to detail and unquestionable work ethic helps First Mountain deliver what you need, before you need it.  


I highly recommend her to any company needing a guide to growing their marketing efforts.

“I met Claire when she was moving back to Vancouver and finding her way into the community. I was immediately impressed with her skills - she is a natural connector, working with me to grow the WeAreYVR project, speaking with everyone from startup founders to government officials. Claire has taken these connecting skills and grown them into a broad set of tech skills with a focus on marketing. With First Mountain, I see her making that attention to diplomacy and community communication available to companies, and I highly recommend her to any company needing a guide to growing their marketing efforts.”-Boris Mann, Founder Frontier Foundry


Customers love you, you know how to sell, your product is awesome... You’re ready to grow! Now what?


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